2 hours and 7 minutes of delicious grindcore.

152 songs.

Love it.

Why Sweden? Why? :’(

Someone in Sweden just used my debit card to get Netflix! WHY?! Why would you turn on me Sweden?! You were always my favorite! :( Netflix sucks anyway! :(

Filed a claim with Netflix and my bank. My card is canceled and they’re sending me a new one. 

I am sad. :( You broke my heart, Sweden.

Having to pick between Sweden and Finland is like having to decide whether to get rid of your heart or your lungs!!

Love this! Those vocals give me chills! <3


“Harsh Way Home” Among the Debris

(via thefuckingmetalblog)


Letters From The Colony “Offal”

For Ethan.

I always want the US to get gold at the Olympics in all events…

However, I have a guilty pleasure of pulling for Sweden, and more recently added Finland, to win if the US doesn’t. :)

I also pull for Ireland(do they even compete in anything? I rarely watch the summer Olympics…and pretty much only watch Hockey during the winter Olympics…possibly even the figure skating. I don’t have to time to watch anything else :]).

I haven’t watched any of it this year. Come to think of it…are Sweden and Finland at the Olympics this year?

Well…I’m finally watching “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.”

The Swedish version! :) I’ve also got some of my birthday goodies and some delicious drinks! It’s gonna be a good night! :)

Anyone else think that Scandinavian metal bands are the best in the world?

This is coming from someone from a country that gave the world Metallica, Slayer, Suffocation, Cephalic Carnage, etc. 

Nasum is a highly under-appreciated band!!!


My poor girl Kristen has a really sucky day at work. Please go to her message page and drop her some nice words to cheer her up.

In addition, I put this song up there in this post (not knowing whether I got the right video because I can’t watch it in Germany…but it’s the intention which counts, right?)

Hugs! I love you, baby! :*

 Aaawww!! <3 Ich liebe dich! :*

That is my boyfriend! :) The sweetest!

Amon Amarth “The Pursuit of Vikings”

Okay. Last Katatonia spam of the day…

Katatonia “My Twin”

Yay for Katatonia mood today!!! :)

I love Katatonia! :)

Katatonia “Criminals”