I seriously can’t get enough of Pale Communion.

I feel so attached to it! I love it!

I definitely think that this is the album that Heritage was trying to be, but didn’t quite make it. Although it is a good album, Heritage just didn’t feel completely right to me.

But Pale Communion. Oh man it’s perfect. <3

When I grow up, I’m gonna be Derek Boyer.

Carnival of Death was fucking epic last night. Dude.

I didn’t get pictures of Kataklysm, Jungle Rot, Pyrexia, or Internal Bleeding, but they were all phenomenal! If this tour is heading your way, I highly suggest you go!

Side note: Last night was Frank’s last night on this tour. The drummer from Disgorge(his name escapes me and I’m not 100% sure he’s the drummer, but he is from Disgorge) is filling in his spot for the remainder of the tour dates. He came out a few times last night to sing. He’s good.

Some more

Septicflesh pictures from last night! :)

Some more

Carach Angren and their first show in the US. YES.

I’m at it again mother fuckers!! :) I lost count of how many times I’ve listened to this!

2 hours and 7 minutes of delicious grindcore.

152 songs.

Love it.

I’ve listened through Pale Communion about 3 times now.

I love it. I absolutely love it. I already feel a connection with it. I get taken back to older albums at certain points of different songs and I love that. I’m taken back to Watershed, Ghost Reveries, Heritage of course, etc. I really can’t wait to see them live in December.

Anyone going to any of the shows on the east coast?

Opinions on the album?

This is my evening. Pale Communion by candlelight.

I tried to wait until I actually bought the album, but I could wait no longer!!! My treat for getting my homework done early. If you need me, I’ll be in my room listening to this on repeat in candlelight for the next few hours.