I’ve listened through Pale Communion about 3 times now.

I love it. I absolutely love it. I already feel a connection with it. I get taken back to older albums at certain points of different songs and I love that. I’m taken back to Watershed, Ghost Reveries, Heritage of course, etc. I really can’t wait to see them live in December.

Anyone going to any of the shows on the east coast?

Opinions on the album?

This is my evening. Pale Communion by candlelight.

I tried to wait until I actually bought the album, but I could wait no longer!!! My treat for getting my homework done early. If you need me, I’ll be in my room listening to this on repeat in candlelight for the next few hours.


Despite more issues than you can even think that could go wrong, yesterday’s show was amazing!

Many bands didn’t show up(multiple local bands actually) and the technical difficulties just kept popping up everywhere. 

Fleshgod Apocalypse was fantastic! No glitches in that show except that the drum tech had to be on stage every few minutes. 

Necronomicon didn’t play, and I have no clue why. I saw the vocalist walking around the venue a few times that night. I wish I could have gotten to see them again.

Black Crown Initiate, who took over for Hour of Penance, wasn’t there either.

And finally, the band I drove over 5 hours to see, Septicflesh. I was floored! Despite the fact that the airline had lost all of their gear, they put on one hell of a show. One of the best shows I’ve seen actually. The other bands pulled together and let Septicflesh use their gear. 

It really was an amazing night. I took my boyfriend with me(our first show together…d’aaawwww) and he really seemed to enjoy himself. The drive home was fucking ridiculous. Nature and the roads were out to kill us on the drive back. Fucking deer everywhere, foxes, possoms. Then exits that I needed to take coming up with no warnings. We made it back alive. We almost ran out of gas because not many gas stations in the countryside are open at 3 in the morning.

All in all it was an amazing weekend. I need like two days worth of sleep, but I FINALLY got to see Septicflesh and I love them even more now. <3 I hope that Chris enjoyed himself. :)

Oh, oh, oh!! AAAAANNNNND! I got to meet one of my oldest tumblr peeps!! swoldiers-of-doomsday and his brother. Ethan and I have been following each other since the beginning almost. He’s a good dude. Sorry I didn’t get to catch you guys before you left to say bye. I waited outside for a few minutes after the show, but I didn’t see you. Hopefully your drive home was easier than ours! :) We’ll hang out in the future for sure! 


Can not wait until the 22nd!! FINALLY SEEING SEPTICFLESH!!!!

Lookie what I got for my #birthday :) #ironmaiden #trooper #trooperale #music #metal #metalbeer #birthdaygift #beer #ale #icannotwait

Lookie what I got for my #birthday :) #ironmaiden #trooper #trooperale #music #metal #metalbeer #birthdaygift #beer #ale #icannotwait

Does anyone else love Norther as much as I do?! LOOOOOOVE my melo-death!